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    3. Shared Agile/Scrum Dev with TFS 2010 | Visual Studio content from Dev Pro.

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  3. January 25th

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    2. Listened to Take Me to Church - Hozier.

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    3. Listened to Phrygian Gates - John Adams.

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    4. Listened to The Dharma At Big Sur, Part I: A New Day - John Adams.

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    5. Listened to Short Ride in a Fast Machine - John Adams.

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    6. Listened to Cello Concerto (Farewell to Philosophy): (Bar 100) PiĆ¹ mosso - Gavin Bryars.

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    7. Listened to Cello Concerto (Farewell to Philosophy): (Bar 1) - Gavin Bryars.

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    8. Listened to Dreamtime: Part II: Dreamtime: XIV. In the Labyrinth - Virko Baley.

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  4. January 24th

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  5. January 23rd

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  7. January 21st

    1. Listened to Bloodbuzz Ohio - Julia Stone.

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    2. Listened to Blind - Full - Hercules and Love Affair.

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    3. Listened to Once In A Lifetime - Remastered - Talking Heads.

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    4. Listened to Spirits in the Material World - The Police.

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    5. Listened to Don't Leave Me This Way - with Sarah Jane Morris - The Communards.

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    7. Listened to Just Can't Get Enough - Single Version - Depeche Mode.

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    8. Listened to Call Me - Blondie.

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    9. Listened to Inbetween Days - The Cure.

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    10. Listened to Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran.

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    11. Listened to Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain.

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    12. Listened to She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult.

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    13. Listened to Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush.

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    14. Listened to The Model - 2004 Digital Remaster - Kraftwerk.

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    15. Listened to Too Shy - 2004 Remastered Version - Kajagoogoo.

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    16. Listened to Life's What You Make It - 1997 Remastered Version - Talk Talk.

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    17. Listened to Don't You (Forget About Me) - 2001 Remastered Version - Simple Minds.

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    18. Listened to Close to Me - The Cure.

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    19. Listened to Take on Me - a-ha.

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    20. Listened to Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat.

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    21. Listened to Lips Like Sugar - Echo & the Bunnymen.

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    22. Listened to Golden Brown - The Stranglers.

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    23. Listened to Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division.

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    24. Listened to The Look Of Love (Part 1) - ABC.

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    25. Listened to Bigmouth Strikes Again (2008 Remastered Version) - The Smiths.

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    26. Listened to Modern Love - 2002 Remastered Version - David Bowie.

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  8. January 20th

    1. Shared Daily Digest for January 20th.

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  9. January 19th

    1. Listened to I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris.

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    2. Listened to SexyBack - Justin Timberlake.

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