1. Yesterday

    1. Checked in at Venserpolder

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    2. Shared Daily Digest for August 19th.

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  2. August 18th

    1. Shared Daily Digest for August 18th.

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  3. August 17th

    1. Shared Daily Digest for August 17th.

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    2. Checked in at Station Driebergen-Zeist

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    3. Shared Leersum.

      6:40pm via Instagram

    4. Checked in at Busstation Driebergen-Zeist

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    5. Checked in at Station Driebergen-Zeist

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  4. August 16th

    1. Shared Pulled pork on Beukenplein.

      5:55am via Instagram

    2. Shared Ijsboefje, Beukenplein.

      5:54am via Instagram

    3. Shared Beukenplein ook helemaal verhipsterf.

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    4. Shared Daily Digest for August 16th.

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  5. August 15th

    1. Shared Daily Digest for August 15th.

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  6. August 14th

    1. Shared Daily Digest for August 14th.

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  7. August 13th

    1. Shared Daily Digest for August 13th.

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  8. August 11th

    1. Checked in at Doner XL

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  9. August 10th

    1. Shared Daily Digest for August 10th.

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    2. Shared Pure markt, Amstelpark.

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    3. Checked in at Pure Markt - Amstelpark

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  10. August 9th

    1. Shared Daily Digest for August 9th.

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    2. Shared 15 photos.

      5:43pm via Flickr

    3. Checked in at Wah Nam Hong

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    4. Checked in at Amazing Oriental

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    5. Shared Cold tofu.

      12:42pm via Instagram

    6. Checked in at Beijing

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    7. Shared Photo.

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    8. Checked in at Nederlands Fotomuseum

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    9. Shared Dockwise Vanguard.

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    10. Shared Dockwise 2.

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    11. Shared Dockwise.

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    12. Shared Kop van Zuid, Erasmusbrug.

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    13. Checked in at Kop Van Zuid, Rotterdam

      9:33am via Foursquare

    14. Checked in at Cinnabon

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    15. Checked in at Rotterdam

      8:09am via Foursquare

  11. August 8th

    1. Shared Sketching A New Mobile Web | Smashing Magazine.

      8:28pm via Delicious

    2. Shared Daily Digest for August 8th.

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    3. Shared Future Friendly.

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    4. Shared Ticket (detail).

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    5. Checked in at Simit Sarayi Dam Square

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    6. Checked in at 't Japanse Winkeltje

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  12. August 7th

    1. Shared Fontface Ninja.

      12:19am via Delicious

    2. Shared Fontface Ninja, A Web Browser Extension for Identifying Fonts on the Internet.

      12:18am via Delicious

    3. Shared Daily Digest for August 7th.

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    4. Listened to One Eye On The Sky (One On The Grave) - Maria McKee.

      6:07pm via

    5. Listened to The Mermaid - Martin Carthy & the UK Group.

      6:04pm via

    6. Listened to Heads We're Dancing - Kate Bush.

      5:59pm via

    7. Listened to King Of The Rodeo - Kings of Leon.

      5:50pm via

    8. Listened to Dead Friends (Around the Corner) - Einstürzende Neubauten.

      5:45pm via

    9. Listened to Wees welkom - The Scene.

      5:41pm via

    10. Listened to My Love I Bring - Sinéad O'Connor.

      5:37pm via


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