About me

I was born a middle-aged Dutch-Indonesian, socialist Eurasian, Anglophile from Amsterdam. I have worked online in broadcasting, publishing, web development and telecommunications since 1995 which makes me an old school webhead, a very early adopter of the internet.

Dutch people are impressed I was the first of them on Twitter back in 2006. It doesn’t pay for lunch.

Once every while I grab a camera to take some pictures, and I nurse my websites on a daily basis:

Gavin Friday Official Website (1995 – now)
I advise the Irish artist Gavin Friday about all things web, manage his official website and all online activities. Sometimes we go on tour. I’ll tweet, shoot pics and document it all until I drop, or make some ginger tea to keep that voice supple.

Whedonesque.com (2002 – now)
The most popular community weblog for and by fans of the writer, film- and TV-maker and director Joss Whedon. Winner of the 20006 SyFy genre award for Best Website. Nominated several times for the Bloggies, SciFi.com Site of the week (22-11-2004), Times Online Blog of the Week (4-3-2006), finalist in the SXSW Interactive Festival website competition and quoted many, many times in the mainstream press. Joss himself posts to the site – always good for a surge in traffic.

And before that:

U2log.com (2000 – 2011)
The very first U2 weblog and one of the first niche weblogs. It started as a more or less satyrical commentary on the world’s biggest band and ended up a semi-pro news source. It hurt to let it go after ten years when we quit in march 2011. But we occasionally rear our heads on Twitter.

Back when I had lots of spare time, I wrote these three books:

  • Gavin Friday – The Light and Dark (Von B Press, 1990, out of print)
  • U2 Live: A Concert Documentary (Omnibus Press, 2003 edition, Amazon.com)
  • The Complete Guide to the Music of U2 (Omnibus Press, April 2004 edition, Amazon.com)

Opinion: “Duh. The internet has always been ‘social’.”

On the road is where I love to be.